You know what they say about good things...

Pistols have been a very familiar weapon in the Borderlands franchise. The starting weapon you recieve is a pistol and many of the pistols in Borderlands/Borderlands 2 have some very Unique qualities.(Infinity , Unkempt Harold , Grog Nozzle ) While they dont pack the most fire power, they come with a good deal of ammo, more than enough to take down a bandit.

What We Hope To Accomplish[edit | edit source]

We would like a good deal of weapons and no aresenal would be complete without a good deal of revolvers and repeaters. We want you to make as many weapons as possible and what better start then the pistol. Here is what we are looking for

  • No need to create new elements, we have an elements page here.
  • Some basic White and Green rarity weapons.
  • Some nice blues and purples, not over powered, but something you would want with you when walking down a dark alley.
  • MAKE 'EM UNIQUE! We need you to make red text weapons! Make them cool and different.
  • What weapon chest would be finished without Legendaries, Seraphs, and Pearlescents. Fill 'er up!

Guns To Look Forward To[edit | edit source]

Here are what people have already contributed to the wiki. If it looks a little sparce, feel free to had something you thought would make a good fire arm.





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